Statistics show that 80% of common diseases in dairy cows are related to exercise, and 90% to body temperature, says infectious disease, an epidemiologist at the University of California, San Diego. Almost all daily activities and abnormalities can be monitored by monitoring the movement and temperature of the cows. Our wireless sensor ear tag can provide efficient, accurate, and scene-like display and analysis service for cow disease and oestrus detection through multi-parameter combination 24-hour monitoring.


1.It can simultaneously measure the cow’s body temperature and movement.
2.The Ear Tag is Small in Size, lightweight, silicone material sensor installation comfort, the low drop rate
3.The high-precision temperature sensor can measure the exact decimal point 2 digit, the high-sensitivity motion transmission, the sensor can realize the movement of the cow 24 hours non-stop monitoring.
4.Long Service Life, the rechargeable version can be a year to charge, non-rechargeable can be 3 years to replace
5.Measurements are wirelessly transmitted and uploaded every 15 minutes.
Scenario analysis can be implemented with RSSI values.
6.Upload the data to the Cloud Service Center for Storage and analysis, users can log into the cloud service center, view the results
7.Cost-effective, high-quality cattle farm operation, and production to provide value-added services.

Case study

Individual Cow’s data analysis

Situational Estrus Monitoring Analysis:

  1. An analysis of RSSI values showed that cows labeled 174013 had spent a lot of time on the social Place since 7 p.m on Sept. 15
  2. The Average exercise increased from 213 to 599 during the time 7 p.m. on Sept. 15 to 7 a.m. on Sept. 16
  3. In the normal time, the cow’s body temperature has a negative correlation with the movement but at that time the condition is a positive correlation.

From above led to the conclusion that cow number 174013 was in estrus

Group Cow’s data analysis

Through 24-hour data analysis of Group data, the following information can be obtained:

  1. Milk four times a day, every six hours one time.
  2. At milking time, the amount of Movement reached a peak and the body temperature dropped to a low point (spraying).
  3. 4-5 PM is the hottest time of the day, consider taking appropriate action to cool it down.
  4. Cows enter a deep rest period between 3 and 5 pm, which can be extended by delaying milking time at 6 am.